Wayland High School History Project

Learning through history.
Learning about ourselves, our heritage, our country.
Learning about our neighbors, world cultures, other countries.

Doughboys of Wayland: Stories of the Great War is the second half of a two-year effort the Wayland High School History Project team tackled in the Spring or 2016 in recognition of the 100th anniversary of World War I. To complement suffragist Jessica Henderson's homefront biography written last year, Volume VIII reveals the largely forgotten stories of the Wayland boys who went off to fight in 1917, including four who never made it home. As always, we have included scores of primary sources that student researchers discovered and interpreted in order to tell stories with evidence.

Called Over here and over there, the Wayland High School History Project team once again set out to explore how national trends and developments played out in our small town and region. Our Volume VII story (spring, 2015) features but one person: Jessica Lord Cox Henderson, suffragist, pacifist, mother of six, and general hell-raiser who somehow history largely forgot. Read her five-chapter biography, researched and written entirely from scratch by 70 high school juniors, and you will tire just imagining how one person could possess such a fiercely action-oriented life.

The Wayland High School History Project team took advantage of a unique opportunity in the Spring, 2012 to create Volume VI: as we were packing up to move to a new high school, we uncovered a briefcase loaded with the personal document collection of Lt. Col. Martin W. Joyce, whose fascinating life story reached its peak when he was appointed C.O. of Dachau Concentration Camp upon its liberation in April, 1945. We present the Lt. Col. Martin W. Joyce Papers to the public, an archive of unpublished primary sources from this pivotal period in world history. You will also find Martin Joyce's "e-Biography", the riveting journey of one man's life through the first half of the 20th century.

Started in spring of 2010 and improved in 2011, the Wayland High School History Project team presents Volume V, another project-based learning initiative that takes us into the realm of digital storytelling. 20th Century American Stories is a collection of more than eighty 6-10 minute movies that place individuals stories into the larger context of American history.

After moving chronologically through the decades in WHSHP Volumes I-III, the 2008 and 2009 teams decided to turn the clocks back to the 1930's and created our fourth volume Growing Up During Hard Times. Similar to our other three projects, "Growing Up During Hard Times" is a collection of oral history, scanned images, and audio files. What can we learn about our recent troubles from the most severe economic crisis in American history? Hit the link and you will find out.

We started Volume III, An Age of Disillusion: Wayland in the Vietnam Era in the spring of 2006 finished the project in June 2007. The site currently includes full-text interview transcripts of 31 men and women who lived through the 1960's as young adults and whose lives were profoundly shaped by what they experienced. We also have dozens of pictures and audio clips that can teach each visitor about trying times for both individuals and for the nation.

After a two-year effort, we completed Volume II, Post-War Life in a Small Northern Town: Wayland, Massachusetts 1946-1960 in the spring of 2005. The site is a graphic archive of select chapters from everyday life during the Cold War and traces national trends and developments in one locale.

Volume I, War on Their Minds: Memories of the World War II Years was completed over the course of two academic years, from 2000-2001 through 2001-2002. It includes fully transcribed interviews of 51 men and women on the homefront and overseas, and is complete with audio clips, scanned images, and photographs.