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About Us

Meet the WHSHP team of 2007:
Teacher Advisor: Kevin DelaneyAbout Us
Technology Advisor: Mary Barber




Student Co-Editors (left to right): John Capellucci, Stephanie Tardiff, Ben Boegehold, Peggy Wang, Brad Cutler






About Us




Student Webmasters (left to right): Tim Choi, Stuart Foti, Neal Dandekar (webmaster), James Morgan-DeLossa, Laine Winokur





Interview Teams
Eliza Stout and Katie Vachon
Ilyse Rikleen and Audrey Levin
Matt McConnell and Emily Ralen
Alex Johnson and Sam Bacon
Alex Petty and Jason Awerman
Tyler Fisher and Brett Stein
Drew Dresser and David Romanow
Ben Mesnick and Andrew Saltzman
Chris Jenny and Dan Cowen
Kim Ripley and Nicole Shagoury
Dan Cheung and Boris Galenko
Kari Baghat and Hannah Greenfeld
Sherry Ng and Jan Czerminski
Robbie Hammitt and Max Green


The WHSHP team of 2006:
Teacher Advisor: Kevin Delaney
Technology Advisors: Mary Barber and Bethann Monahan

About Us






Student Co-Editors: Top Row: Dan Entrup, Shari Kaplan, Darren Thomason; Bottom Row: Michaela Bell, Dana Erines, Paul Birkner












Student Webmasters: Top Row: Jarad Doyon, Arthur Chin;

Middle Row: Darrin Liau, Web Gordon (webmaster), Tucker Bridgeo;

Front: Meg Gugarty






Interview Teams

Danielle Gaglini and Ryan Love
Bobby Gaglini and Jimmy Hawley
Jamie Goldsmith and Seth Hoffman
Russell Lyons and Matt Troilo
Amy Gredinger and Jen Nolin
Leah Bellman and Carly Frieling
Dana Sharry and Matt St. Jean
Hillary Flieger and Juliana McInnis
Stephanie Sklar and Allison Walsh
Robert Bonner and Andy Sakowich
Paul Rufo and Simon Tkachenko
Kathryn Keane and Jenn Walsh
Matt Antonell and Chris Hill
Samantha Peper and Jenna Winer
Maria Pantelis and Amanda Pontbriand
Aurora Suarez and Kalyn Sullivan
Rachel Boggia and Minori Shimizu

Special Thanks to Joe Damplo, Susan Pressman, Albie Concotti, Augusto Saviatto, and Jean Tower for all their help